Parex Monorex – Choosing the Best Colour for Your Requirements

The render on the façade of a building is the last to be applied, but the first to be seen which is why it is vital that the finish is carried out to the highest standard. While being structurally sound is critical to the integrity of the building, it is this façade that will create the kerb appeal and add value to any property.

Using the right render can add character and personality to the building, with a range of colours and textures now being available to allow style choices to continue through to the exterior. Products such as Parex Monorex GM and GF are available in 48 standard colours and are ideal for creating a bespoke finish on a range of masonry substrates.

The one-coat, through-coloured, weather-resistant and breathable decorative render can be hand or spray applied and finished in a range of styles from fine scraped to heavy roughcast, depending on the grade used.

From neutral tones to blend in with the surroundings to bright blue, green and pink shades to stand out and create impact, there is a colour to suit every requirement.

The full Parex Monorex colour chart highlights all choices available, as well as offering advice when it comes to selecting the right colour for the application.

Speak to us for any further information about Parex Monorex or any other product within the range.