Parex Heritage Lime Renders – The Perfect Choice for Renovations

Lime has been an integral material used in construction for thousands of years. Before the introduction of Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) in the early 19th century which offered decreased setting times, lime was the go-to material. Due to the demand for rapid construction caused by the bombings of the first world war, OPC replaced lime as the material of choice and continues to be used regularly for a wide variety of applications to this day.

Despite this, lime render is still widely used for the renovation of older properties and new build developments where there is a need to be in keeping with the local surroundings. However, Lime can be seen as a problematic material due to its makeup and the perception that it is difficult to work with and slow to cure.

It is essential that products that are sympathetic to the substrate are used in the renovation of older properties and products such as the Parex Heritage Range is just this. Providing a breathable, flexible and lightweight solution that provides a long term, consistent finish to the property to help in bringing it back to its former glory.

Sika’s lime render systems provide a through-coloured, hydraulic lime render coating to buildings. They have been developed specifically for restoration and renovation work and are available in a selection of 48 through colours that can be manually, or machine applied to a variety of finishes.

Products include:

Parlumiere Clair – A hydraulic, lime-based, lightweight, natural white mortar, designed for re-pointing joints in stonework, bricks and facing stones, for use as a building mortar for constructing masonry and as a base coat or key coat render

Parlumiere Moyen – A through-coloured topcoat render made of hydraulic lime, used for the finishing coat of traditional renders

Parlumiere Fin – A through coloured hydraulic lime topcoat render offering a finer finish due to its smaller granular matrix

Parexal – A one-coat application lightweight, weatherproof, hydraulic lime, through-coloured render

Not only are lime renders used for restorative work, the trend for new builds to replicate the distinctive style of an older property has brought demand for them to be used amongst new homes and developments. With the ability to add character to new build properties, as well as utilising the vast colour range for further individuality, applying a lime render can instantly increase its kerb appeal and ultimately, its value in the market.

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