Render bead adhesive: finding the strongest bond

Beading used in the external rendering of new build and refurbishment projects will ensure the finished render not only looks good but is durable and will protect the render from damage, staining and cracking. Its importance should never be underestimated which is why the use of bead adhesives is equally as important when it comes to the application of render beads for a rendered facade.


New materials, new methods of construction and time-sensitive projects have led to the proliferation of construction adhesives for both structural and non-structural bonding. From the bonding of plaster or insulation boards to façade elements and structural reinforcement, there are many construction adhesives in the marketplace promising an amazing initial grip and grab but their final strength is often questionable. Ultimately, it’s about finding the correct adhesive for the task at hand to avoid costly and time-consuming remedial works in the long term.


Parex Render Bead Adhesive is based on new technology making it the first hybrid polymer grab adhesive especially created for render beads. This superior adhesive has the ability to bond virtually anything to everything in both wet and dry conditions. With incredible initial grab, high bonding strength, Parex Render Bead Adhesive is the number one choice for render bead applications.


Designed for use with Parex mineral renders, this specially formulated render bead adhesive is capable of bonding both porous and non-porous materials including blockwork, stone, render boards, concrete, PVC stainless/aluminium beads, stone wool and EPS. Fast-drying will ensure external profile beads are quick and easy to install and without the need for mechanical fixings.


With growing requirements for adhesives across the construction sector, choosing the right adhesive and the correct application is paramount in order to ensure a durable bond. When it comes to the application of render beads, Parex Render Bead Adhesive is the go-to adhesive solution for specifiers wanting the strongest bond that will stand the test of time, regardless of the surface material and weather conditions.


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